Remote Computer Repair Questions


What is remote computer repair?

Remote computer repair is the practice of having your computer worked on by a technician over the internet. the technician can view your screen and control your computer safely from a remote location.

the Benefits of remote computer repair are:

  • Fast. receive help instantly without having to wait for a tech to arrive to you.
  • Convenient. No need to take your computer to a shop or unplug those messing cables
  • Affordable. Our cost are much lower than sending a tech to you… this let us charge much more affordable prices for the same HIGH QUALITY service as you would receive from onsite technician.

Is is safe and secure?

Yes, when you connect to one of our technicians, the connections us encrypted and secure.  The same high level of security used when transmitting sensitive information online when using online banking or purchasing online.

Who is doing the work?

The troubleshooting of your system is performed by one of our industry certified technical experts. 

Can a technician access my computer after the work is done or without my permission?

No, the connection to our system must be initiated by you the customer. Every time our technicians access your computer  a program is temporarily loaded to allow access. Once we are finished, we log off the session and the program that allow access is completely removed from your computer.

 What if you can’t fix my problem remotely online?

There are times when an online remote session will not be adequate to remedy a particular problem. In those cases we will schedule an onsite technician to be physically sent to your location. (on-site technicians only available on Phoenix Metro Area)





General Questions


How quickly will you have a technician physically dispatched to my location?

We can usually have a tech out to you the same or next day.

Is your work guaranteed?

All Services are guaranteed Unless otherwise specified on our invoices.

We will always work with you to make sure you’re satisfied with our work. If you ever have a question or concerns over a service, our customer satisfaction team is ready to make sure you are happy with your service.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Click Here for more Warranty info and Terms of service.

Is it cheaper to upgrade/fix my existing computer or buy a new one?

It is usually almost always cheaper to upgrade/fix an existent computer instead of purchasing a new one. however, sometimes it may not be cost effective to upgrade/fix the existent computer. We will give you the best option.

What type of data recovery services do you offer?

some of the data recovery services we offer are the following:

  • Unable to boot
  • Virus attacks
  • Inaccessible drives or partitions
  • Unable to run or load data
  • Data corrupted
  • Hard drive failure
  • Hard drive crashes

If by any reason we cannot recover any data, our partner Drive Savers will be your best hope. We proudly offer Drive Savers data recovery services. Drive Savers can recover data from all types of storage devices including hard drives, flash drives, SD cards, Cells phones etc.  Drive Savers is the authority in data recovery.

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